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We offer flexible solutions to meet your investment needs.


6% / mo

  • 6% of 12 month Lease
  • Property Photography
  • Marketing Preparation
  • Publish MLS & Online
  • Signage & Realtor (Supra) Keysafe
  • Field Inquiries & Showings
  • Gather Applications & Documentation
  • Run Credit & Background Reports
  • Provide Summary of Prospects to Owners
  • Prepare Lease Contracts & Disclosures
  • Collect Contract Signatures & Deposit


6% / mo

  • Full Time Management
  • Primary Contact for all Tenant Communication
  • Monthly Rent Collection
  • Field Tenant Requests
  • Coordinate Repairs
  • Prep and Deliver Tenant Notices
  • Monthly Owner Statements
  • Annual Statements for Tax Prep
  • Annual Walk Through
  • Annual Rent Review
  • Proactive Lease Renewal (30 to 45 days in Advance)

Lease listing fee is reduced to 5% when property is under OCRPM management.



10% / mo

  • Combines Lease & Management
  • No Upfront Fees
  • No Lease Listing Fees
  • All Expenses Included in Monthly Management
  • No Listing Fees @ Tenant Turnover
  • Minimum 24 Month Management Contract

We offer this service for owners looking to preserve capital, most often selected by owners with a recent purchase/converted rental.


We Charge 6% to manage your property For properties under management we are the primary contact for tenant requests. We manage requests and facilitate repairs with qualified and prescreened service providers. We have long term relationships with service providers giving us economical and timely repairs. We collect monthly rents, pay for services performed throughout the month, and distribute the proceeds of rent to you, the landlord. We contact tenants after 2 days of rent delays, deliver 3 Day Notices on the 5th day. We do not handle unlawful detainers (evictions), but assist as needed. 6% is collected as a monthly percentage of rent paid. We only collect our fee when we have collected rent from the tenant (We align ourselves with our clients by not charging management fees during vacancies. This ensures that everyone is as motivated as possible to lease the property).

Lease only

Lease Only (Photography, Listing, Showing, Applicant Review & Contract Preparation Fee) – We charge 6% of the lease term to market and lease your property. This service includes taking photos00, writing descriptions and listing the house for lease. Installing For Lease signs, lock boxes and flyers. It includes coordinating showings with other agents and showing the property to prospects who contact us directly. It includes meeting prospective tenants, collecting lease applications and requesting missing documents. It includes reviewing lease applications and providing a written review of tenants. It includes preparing lease agreements, collecting signatures, deposits, proof of rental insurance and collecting the first month rent. And, it includes delivering keys, a walk through of the property with your new tenant reviewing where everything is and who to contact when needed. 6% is the total cost to list and lease your property, it is only collected when the lease is completed, and is deducted from the tenant deposit when received. If another agent assists in finding a tenant we share the 6% fee with them. If we are managing your property we reduce our Listing Fee to 5%. This is for initial listings and lease listings thereafter. If your property is not under our management we charge $175 for lease renewals, This includes a rental market update to assist in determining rental increase/maintenance, preparing renewal contracts and gathering signatures from tenants and landlords.

Example of Lease Listing fee: $2,000 per month lease = $24,0000 annual @ 6% the listing fee is $1,440. If tenant is represented by agent the fee is shared with tenant agent.

We Charge 10% to lease and manage your property. This option includes both the lease only and management services indicated above. The primary difference is that we do not collect any fee for leasing the property, that expense is collected monthly with management fees. This is a popular option for clients seeking to conserve short term cash as they renovate / repair a property during turnover, or when they are moving out of their primary residence and turning it into a rental. Whatever the reason for wanting to conserve short term cash, many of our new and existing clients are opting for our comprehensive option.