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The brokers at OC Residential Property Management have been helping clients acquire, lease and manage residential real estate for over 20 years. Our experience helps us find quality tenants faster, keep them with you longer and minimize turnover times.

Summary of Services

Rental Analysis

We complete an analysis of rents, including a personal review of comparable properties and rental market trends, to assess the most competitive rental price point for our client real estate assets. In setting rates we consider localized market trends, time of year, floor plan, condition of property, appeal of improvements and expected vacancy time frames. Avoiding small vacancies by setting the right rental rate can provide returns to investors in lower vacancy and higher tenant retention. We provide owners with recommended improvements to help in garnering prospect interest and making their rental properties stand out on the market.


Marketing Preparations

As property managers we invest for the long term with our lease listings and retain all materials to ensure we are ready to quickly re-market the property between tenancies. We develop quality marketing materials and collect detailed property documentation. We take high quality photos for each property including local amenities. We create detailed property descriptions and gather property and association information to ensure our marketing materials reflect all of the benefits associated with renting your property and the aspects of your investment that differentiate it from others on the market.



We prepare and publish detailed listings to the local Multiple Listing Service and ensure that all listings are shared with the Online websites that prospective renters use to find homes including Realtor, Homes, Rent, Zillow, Trulia, Move, Hotpads, PadMapper and many, many more. Our MLS listings are also shared across multiple reciprocating MLS services that Realtors use to find their clients rental homes including San Diego, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Glendale and more. By syndicating our MLS listings we ensure that your property quickly gets the best agent and Online exposure possible. Because renters frequently subscribe to MLS and website search updates, we ensure that all listings are fully prepped prior to listing. First impressions are very important in real estate, we prepare and publish all the pictures and details that a renter needs to appreciate your property from the start.



Providing prompt communication and access is as important as effectively marketing your investment property. We have developed shared communications, including voice, text, email, text to email and voice mail to email to ensure that our team of brokers have multiple methods available to receive and respond to rental inquiries. Text based communications have rapidly become the preferred method of renter inquiry and our communications allow us to quickly interact with prospects. We install the latest secure blue-tooth lock boxes to facilitate Realtor access, provide signs that clearly indicates your property is for rent, and install combo lock boxes for vendor access. We plan for future listings from the start of each lease by including access details in our contracts that ensure tenants understand their responsibility to provide access for showings.


Tenant Screening

Our tenant screening process is detailed, including credit checks, banks statement review, reference review, employment and wage verification (Tax Return Reviews as needed), and personal meetings with prospective lease candidates. We offer tenant paid credit checks through TransUnion. Tenants appreciate that credit checks are performed by a well known credit provider where that they can maintain their privacy while quickly giving landlords the information they need to make a leasing decision. We offer landlords the opportunity to review fully vetted tenant applications, however most opt to have us manage the entire process and execute leases on their behalf.



Our tenant contracts have developed from years of experience with the responsibilities and challenges that arise from managing properties, handling difficult repairs, encouraging timely payments and working with tenants. We include lease contracts, disclosures, payment processing. Properties located in an association we include HOA and parking rules and regulations. Our contracts provide for the entire lease term, from delivering keys, access codes and remotes, to payments, repairs to the close of the lease. We cover maintenance access, tenant cleaning responsibilities, and access requirements that allow us to show the property as the tenant concludes their contract with you.


Disclosures and Legal Notices

Legal obligations are placed on owners to inform and educate tenants about safety, tenant rights, health risks and more. Providing appropriate disclosures on a regular basis can have a significant impact on owners rights as they work with tenants. Staying current with local and state tenant legislation is time consuming for owners and the proper dislosures are not always clear. We are regulalry updated by the National Association of Realtors, California Association of Realtors and the Orange County Association of Realtors. We work diligently to include required disclosures to educate and inform tenants, and we provided updated disclosures with annual lease renewals.



We are brokers, property managers, real estate investors and landlords. Years of experience managing and leasing multiple properties and tenants gives us opportunities to regularly develop and improve processes that streamline marketing, lease contracts, tenant communication, rental collections, and repairs. Effectively marketing and leasing investment properties requires a very different skill set that many brokers and agents have not acquired. We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business.



Minimize the Impact of Repairs (for tenants and owners)

Things break, most tenants and owners understand that. How those problems are resolved has a big impact on how people feel about their rental property. Tenants want to feel that owners are concerned with their welfare. In our experience it is not about dollars spent on repairs, it about timely communication, and quality repairs performed in a timely manner.

We are available for tenant calls, are clear as to how we plan to fix the problem, and set reasonable expectations as to the timeliness for repair. Our network of contractors, trades and handymen allow us to resolve the issue quickly and at a reasonable price.


Faster Payment Processing

Our rental payment system is simple for tenants, allows us to collect rent fast and to distribute owner funds fast as well. We use well known payment providers that tenants can trust. Our payment solution is easy for tenants to configure, it usually takes them 5 minutes to set it up and they have the option to configure recurring monthly payments. Set it once, and payments are collected on a regular schedule.

Minimizing Vacancies

Our lease contracts allow us to quickly re-lease your property when we receive cancellation notice from current tenants. We start marketing you property immediately, and are frequently able to narrow vacancies to a week or less.

Individual property marketing campaigns are prepped in advance; we collect photos, prep listing information, and gather association and property documentation allowing us to respond to tenant cancellations and list your property fast.



What types of properties do you manage?

We manage all types of residential rental properties including condominiums (condos) , single family homes, town homes, multiplexes and apartment buildings.

Do I pay management fees while my property is vacant?

No. We align ourselves with our clients by not charging management fees during vacancies. This ensures that everyone is as motivated as possible to lease the property.

How do I transfer my tenants to OC Residential Property Management?

We have a standardized process for introducing ourselves to tenants. We deliver welcome packages to each of your tenants letting them know that the owners have decided to enlist our services. Our packages detail the benefits they can expect in working with us as we assume owner responsibilities and give tenants multiple methods to contact us.

We request all contracts from owners and tenants to gather an understanding of the agreements and disclosures in place. And, we include any missing disclosures to tenants in our in opening packages.

How do you handle vacancies / tenant cancellations?

Tenants change jobs, get married, have kids, buy homes… they move. We plan for vacancies from the start by ensuring that our contracts require adequate notice when a tenant decides to move. Upon tenant notification of their plans to move our standard contracts allow us to install lockboxes, for lease signs and fliers, list the property on the MLS, and show the property. We retain all of our marketing tools from previous listings and are able to get to work finding a new tenant quickly. By planning ahead we are able to get a head start on the change in tenants and limit vacancies.

What happens when a tenant doesn’t pay rent on time?

Our accounting and payment processes help us to encourage tenant payments on a regular schedule, allowing us to know when there is a problem early (in most cases before tenant payments are late). Generally, if we have not received payment by the 3rd of the month we contact the tenant to discuss. If we have not received payment by the 6th a late payment is assessed, we prepare a 3 Day Notice to pay or Quit, and contact the tenant to let them know the notice will be delivered the following day. We deliver the notice via email and registered agent service. In the rare event that rent payment has not been delivered by the 9th we assist our landlord in contracting legal services to immediately start the eviction process. In general we have found that by maintaining good tenant relationships and communicating throughout the process we are frequently able to avoid legal challenges.

Please contact us with any questions we have not answered!